Tuition Fees 2024

Phase Annual Fee Monthly fee
Pre-primary (Gr 000 – Gr 0)
R76 050
R6 900
Junior primary (Gr 1 – Gr 3)
R99 480
R9 000
Senior primary (Gr 4 – Gr 6)
R104 150
R9 450
Junior high (Gr 7 – Gr 9)
R108 650
R9 850
Senior high (Gr 10 – Gr 11)
R114 500
R10 400
Matric (Gr 12)
R123 000
R11 150
- On registration, a once-off fee of R6 000 is payable. This is standalone cost, separate from school fees, and is strictly non-refundable.
- A “educational provision” pack is charged for at the start of each year. This cost varies per grade. The price of the pack considers (amongst others) the costs of stationery, and consumables, a transport levy, paper fee and pre-ordered workbooks.

Sibling discount: 10% (sibling discount will be given to the younger sibling)
Second sibling discount: By arrangement
Should additional discounts / subsidies be requested, parents / guardians will be asked to complete the appropriate application forms, which include justifications, as well as compulsory submission of bank statements & proof of income.