High School

While the primary school expressly focusses on the educational and developmental demands of gifted children, Radford High emphasises academic and intellectual excellence nurtured through individual attention and extremely small classes - with a focus on preparing our charges for the world beyond school.

Registered with the Independent Education Board (IEB) and provisionally accredited by Umalusi (the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training – with accreditation number 22 SCH01 00938 PA), Radford High is a haven for bright individuals who are serious about education, but keen to craft lifelong, happy memories along the way.
The IEB methodology fits in neat alignment with our approach to education - their tasks and rubrics being a formalised expression of principles which the teachers at Radford High support and use daily. Subjects currently offered for matric are:

Subjects Offered

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Life Sciences
Physical Science
Business Studies
Dramatic Arts
Maths Literacy
Visual Arts
English HL
Afrikaans FAL
Zulu FAL
Life Orientation
English Further Studies
Mathematics Further Studies

Enriching and Competitive Extra-murals

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Extra-murals combine opportunities for enrichment and expose learners to competitive events. Our students currently participate in:

Public speaking
Drama performances (including the Shakespeare Schools Festival and FEDA)
World Robotics Olympiad
Music group / band
National news quiz
Entrepreneurship competitions
Scientific practical sessions
Lego League

School Events

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Events hosted at the high school in a typical year include (amongst others):
The Box Car Derby
Sports Day
Interhouse debate competitions
Swimming Gala
Art Evenings
One-act plays / School drama production
Academic Research Presentation Evening
Inter-School General Knowledge Quiz
National News Quiz
Blind Date with a Book
and many Movie Social Nights.

"What it means to be human is to bring up your children in safety, educate them, keep them healthy, teach them how to care for themselves and others, allow them to develop in their own way among adults who are sane and responsible, who know the value of the world and not its economic potential. It means art, it means time, it means all the invisibles never counted by the GDP and the census figures. It means knowing that life has an inside as well as an outside. And I think it means love." - Jeanette Winterson

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