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ILT 1 Courses 2021

Fairland, Johannesburg:

27 - 28 February

15 - 16 May

14 - 15 August

23 - 24 October

Cape Town:

30 – 31 January

18 – 19 September

Integrated Learning Therapy Level 1 is a course offered as a 2-day (15 hour) introductory course plus further reading/study at home aimed at raising awareness of the possible causes underlying learning and behaviour difficulties.  Our point of departure is an eco-systemic view of human development and functioning, making this a very holistic approach.  Focus during this course is twofold: we pay careful attention to the healthy development of those systems in the human body that support efficient learning and expected behaviour, and on testing for and addressing developmental delays through movement activities.


For more information, please visit www.ilt.co.za

ILT 2 Practitioners Course 2021

Fairland, Johannesburg:

26 June – 2 July

11 – 17 December

Integrated Learning Therapy Level 2 is a course comprising theory and practice. Theoretical aspects are covered by distance. Following successful completion of this, a practical session must be attended. This course is practical in nature and applicants will engage in hands-on intervention with volunteer children. Following the course, applicants are required to submit case studies to show competence. Successful completion results in certification as an ILT Practitioner.


For more information, please visit www.ilt.co.za



Distance learning only

A short course in Gifted Child Education has been designed by Prof. Shirley Kokot to provide an appropriate background against which our brightest children can be educated.


Modules include:

Understanding the gifted child

Teaching the gifted learner


Dr Shirley Kokot