BA (Hons) BEd (SG), Med (Counselling) DEd, STD


Professor Shirley Kokot was responsible for teacher training programmes in Gifted Child Education and Special Needs Education at UNISA for over twenty years. She is associated with UNISA as a Research Fellow and is still responsible for a certificate course in Gifted Child Education.


Concurrent with her academic duties, she practiced as an Educational Psychologist. She heads the Centre for Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) in Cape Town, which helps children with neurodevelopmental concerns and learning disabilities. Her primary involvement is training teachers and other helping professionals learn to understand and treat the root causes of learning difficulties.


She is the President of the National Association for Gifted and Talented Children in South Africa and a delegate to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. She served on the Executive Committee of this organisation for 10 years and was the 2007 recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Service to gifted education.


The teaching approach at Radford House is the result of her research into ‘best practices’ that she gleaned during many visits to many different programmes in the USA, Europe and beyond and well as interaction with her colleagues in this field from over 50 countries around the world.


Shirley has published many journal articles as well as two books on gifted education.

Their titles are: Understanding giftedness: A South African perspective, and Help, our child is gifted.




Michael Kokot contributed his administrative and financial skills to the development of Radford House. He has a keen interest in education and co-authored a book (“The adventures of Whackles”) with Shirley which aims at developing thinking skills in young children.


As an Advanced Toastmaster (ATM) he offered many courses in public speaking to both primary and high school learners in Gauteng.


After retiring as head of the Forensic Chemistry Laboratory of the Department of Health in Johannesburg, he has taken over the administration of the Centre for Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT).


B.Comm (Econ.)


Philip Kokot has been the School Principal and driving force behind Radford House since 1996.


He describes his occupation as "a combination of builder, plumber, psychologist, teacher, clown and administrator". Known throughout as "Mr K.", he especially enjoys conducting enrichment classes, with specialisation in mathematics, the sciences and computer programming.