A word from Mrs. Braum

"The future, similar to the present, needs individuals who can assess critically, be emotionally aware, be able to express thoughts and ideas, and to work effectively with others.

These children, future leaders and change-makers, will have to deal with challenges on a planetary scale, solve problems which are immense and impactful on every level and be able to think critically.

The focus at Radford High, therefore, is not on knowledge acquisition but on cross-disciplinary awareness; not on rote learning, but on an engagement with content and an ability to respond appropriately."

Mrs Braum

Deputy Principal Radford High

IEB Matric

Radford High is registered with the Independent Examination Board (IEB) since 2020, the examining body for matric exams.  Thre IEB methodology in in alignment with Radford's approach to education; their tasks and rubrics being a formalised expression of Principles which our teachers at Radford High support and use daily.

Subjects offered for matric include English (Home language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language), Zulu (First Additional Language), Life Sciences, Physical Science, Business Studies, Accounting, Dramatic Arts, History, Geography and Life Orientation.

Our focus on engaged critical thinking and intellectual rigour is essential for Life in the 21st Century.  We are also focused on preparing students for matric exams, which remain an important measure and serve as a celebration of learners' ability to express coherent ideas and concepts comprehensively, navigate challenging content and of their academic dedication and commitment.

The staff encourages the learners' commitment to climate change awareness and relevant social issues by giving them opportunities to gain skills in rigorous academic research, expression through the arts, and involvement in the larger global community.


Enrolments for 2021

We offer from Grade 8 to Grade 12.


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